NEW: Ice Hockey Learn to Skate Course

As of next month we are trialling a whole new Learn to Skate Course. This course will be specifically orientated around the skills and techniques you need to play ice hockey. There will be no sticks or pucks, just skates.

Some of our brilliant coaching staff who teach our Learn to Skate Courses have a whole bank of Ice Hockey experience and we want to unleash that upon you!

The courses is due to pilot on Thursday 18th February from 19:00 until 20:00, then run evey other week. There will be three 1hr sessions per course.


4 thoughts on “NEW: Ice Hockey Learn to Skate Course

    1. John Nike Leisuresport Post author

      Hi Daniel, the course is tailored for all those aged 5 years and above, at any skating ability. If you are looking at introducing him to Ice Hockey in the future this course will certainly be appropriate to help aid his skating!


  1. Samantha

    A brilliant idea. I went to Swindon recently, a few of they’re U13’s ice hockey players went on public before they’re training. They had very good skating skills. It was obvious they were getting skating lessons. Really good edge work etc. Well done bracknell for putting this on.



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