Get the Chair Lift Down Low…

So, I’m sure you’re aware, our Chair Lift was sadly out of action for a good chunk of the year. We were so excited that we could announce it was up and running as normal from this past weekend.

In this post we want to share our gratitude for your unbelievable patience and the details of how we managed to have the lift back to it’s full potential.

Here, take a look at the old parts we had to throw and what we had to replace them with…

Oh, did you know this bad boy contains 111 Bars of Pressure!

Doesn’t mean much to you? 

Well your taps at home are only 1.5 bars, yes that’s nearly 100 times more!


And here’s were those bits live…

Now the important part for me and you, the difference in the hight of the chairs…

With the line slack there’s no way those chairs a taking us to the top, and I’d rather not side step thanks.

                            Before                                                              After


Last but not least we had to make sure the pressure was set correctly, now that took some strength…

We finally got there


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