Pantomime season is almost here

John Nike Leisuresport Complex is holding its 30th annual pantomime on ice, with this year’s being Beauty and the Beast. All the fun begins 13th December with a Charity Performance and continues until 17th December…that’s a grand total of seven shows, including a school’s performance on the Thursday. Beauty and the Beast on Ice is a story of how one young woman is held captive by a Beast in order to save her Father. However with a plot full of twists and surprises, it will keep you truly entertained!  It is a tale of love, kindness, and bravery, and a lesson of never judging a book by its cover.
The Charity performance is where the Nike family chooses a charity in which all proceeds from the night’s performance are donated to. This year’s chosen charity is Building for the Future, who aim to raise the profile of disabled children in their community. They believe that every child deserve to be recognised as important, regardless of whatever challenges they face.
With the Pantomime week fast approaching, preparations are already underway with staff, committee members and volunteers at the ice rink working day and night to ensure props, lighting, music and costumes are ready for the rehearsals. With a cast of one hundred, including adults and children, a lot of work has gone into each sector to ensure that this will be the best pantomime yet!
Jacqui Adams the Pantomime Director, heads up the entire operation from the committee meetings, organising the voice overs and script, and the running of the rehearsals. Jacqui is the cog that makes the panto a well-oiled machine. Head Coach, Stacey Bullock, along with the other coaches, put in countless amounts of hours into the pantomime to ensure all of the cast are happy and confident in their parts. But it is not only the coaches who work tirelessly to ensure that the pantomime runs to perfection, Bernadette Howard (Deputy General and Pantomime Manager), alongside her team and volunteers, create the props, promotional material, programmes and many more essential items/tasks. Bernadette told us, “Work for the pantomime first began back in January and has progressed steadily since. Everyone puts all of their effort into making sure everything is ready and runs smoothly on the day. In the few weeks before panto, the atmosphere is so festive that everyone is in the Christmas spirit early.”
If you are interested in doing something extra festive and special this year which I fun for all the family, then come along to the John Nike Leisuresport Complex performance of Beauty and the Beast. To book tickets call 01344 789 000

To find out more about the chosen charity, please follow the below link:



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