Bracknell Skaters: Solo Dance Championships

Well done to all those who took part in the Solo Dance Championships last Wednesday.

We would like to give all those who competed or coach a huge pat on the back, special congratulations go to all who managed to grab a medal to bring home with them!

3 Cheers for everyone who had to travel all over the country to get their chance to shine, you all did Bracknell so proud…

Skaters name                  Category                                      Coaches

Adam Bouaziz                  Juvenile men’s                           Lucine & David

Lauren Barber                   Juvenile ladies                            Natasha Moody

Jessica Patey                      Juvenile ladies                            Chris Hockaday (Slough)

Jessica Harris                   Primary ladies                             Lucine & David

Lian Syson                        Primary ladies                              Charlotte Hester

Holly Kearney                  Basic Novice ladies                    Lucine & David

Elin Griffiths,                   Advanced Novice ladies          Charlotte Hester

Emily Wong                      Junior ladies                                  Natasha Moody

Christie Mia Hughes    Junior ladies                                   Lucine & David

Lucy Booth                       Junior ladies                                   Lucine & Gary

Maria Holdcroft            Senior ladies                                   Lucine & Gary