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Bracknell Opens 2016

What an amazing turn out of talent we had last week! Bracknell Ice Skating Club hosted there annual Bracknell Opens Figure Skating Competition. We had a whole variety of ages and skill that could just blow you away!

Here’s some of the success stories from our Bracknell Coaches:

Stacey Gamble – Head Coach

Max Hall placed a silver medal in Mens Level 3 Competition.

Natasha Hale

Plenty of medals to go around:

Nicki Torrington came 3rd in Bronze Free Dance

Emilia Gevorkian placed 4th out of 19 in Pattern Dance. Also received Bronze in Free Dance. Great job for a first time competition goer!

Lauren Barber came 3rd in Juvenile Dance.

Emily Wong came 1st place in Junior Dance.

This is just a snippet of the clubs success, we will be sure to share more stories with you! Let’s just take this moment to appreciated and congratulate all those who participated and made the Bracknell Opens a pleasure to be part of.

Ice Hockey Parents in a Summary

We managed to get our hands on a extremely well humoured article written in Canadian National Post! Interviews are produced by Joe O’Connor and illustrations drawn by Chloe Cushman.

In a summary of their summary they cover everything from:

The nurse who gets into fist fights. The dads who party like it’s Freeshers Week. The millionaires who buy teams so thier kids get ice time. The parents who let loose at away games. The team manager caught cheating with her son’s coach. The mother who can’t bear to watch her son play.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out (it’s a beaut!):

Stylish Skiing with Aaron Carpenter

For those of you who are taking the time to watch your first episode of our awesome web series, this is what we do! Each week we have had the delight of showing off what our instructors and loyal customer can accomplish.

This week  Aaron is going to show you a few handy skills that can make your skiing look just that extra quirky. Try out some of his tips on your holiday this year! Or at any of our Southern Freestyle sessions for levels 5 and upwards, the sessions run on Tuesday evenings 19:00 until 21:30, if you want a little more coaching before trying out your new skill sets come along on Sunday morning 09:00 until 11:00 for our coached sessions.

Get your Carving ‘Top Notch’

Bracknell Ski Centre A Grade Instructor and Berkshire Race Squad Competitor, this can only be one man. Ah, yes, this week we have Brendon with us!

He’s offering some awesome tips for those of you looking to improve your carving skills, here take a look:

You can also attend our Junior Ski Club or Adult Improver’s Club to help get you slope ready!

Kids thrives for Success!

Hi Guys, this week we have a wonderful chap who will talk you through his amazing progress on our Ski and Snowboard Camps.

David, who is only 10 years of age, competes in U16 competitions around the country and has secured a solid second place in most of them!

The ambitious skier has skied with us for a couple of years. He first took to the slope on our Ski and Snowboard Camp, achieving each grade with determination and grace.You can still book your child onto our camp, last day this holiday is Friday 8th April. We will also be running the camp every half term throughout the year.

Dviad frequently attends our Southern Freestyle Club sessions which run Tuesdays and Sundays. He will alos be making an appearance on Saturday 11th June at our famous SplahFest Comp, mixing ski and snowboarding with plenty of sunshine,  a splash pond and live music!

Here’s what David has got to say: