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BREAKING NEWS: Cinderella Seen in Golden Carriage.

Well what a busy weekend for Cinderella and her crew!

On Saturday Night Polo the Bear and Cinderella went to meet all the folk at Sandhurst for their annual Christmas Light Switch on! They were greeted by the most friendly of faces and even met Father Christmas and the Mayor. Here’s a few sneak peaks…

After the late night at Sandhurst Town Hall Cinders rushed in for an early start at the rink. With the last few dress rehearsals Cinderella is pushed to hard, not just from her ugly sisters, but our amazing coach team at Bracknell Ice Rink.

Just when she thought she could put her feet up, next stop was Wokingham Carnival. Polo and Cinderella set to work along with our rinkies. They set to work dressing up Cinder’s Golden Carriage, ready to parade through the town. We also had a special appearance from the ugly sisters and other cast members; not to forget John Nike himself!

Cinderella just hopes all her extremely hard efforts have paid off! Oh I know, buy your pantomime on ice tickets today…that way she’ll know. Call 01344789000 now!


What’s Going On? – Know all here!

We have so much going on this December, just so you do not miss out we have put all our events here in on place!

There is our annual Pantomime on Ice, our enhanced Santa’s Grotto that now includes Sno-Tubing, our Christmas Party with an innovative twist, plus our NEW Family Christmas Skate Session – Winter Wonderland!

Don’t forget we also have an epic Ski, Snowboard and Winter Clothing Sale at the Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell. The sale will be held on Friday 27th November 12:00 – 18:00, Saturday 28th November 10:00 – 17:00 and Sunday 13th November 10:00 – 16:00.

Click on the Events below for more information.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 09.41.44Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 09.41.57Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.59.16Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.00.09


“It’s far too early to start thinking about a Panto” – Oh No It’s Not!

With less then three weeks to go we held our very first full dress rehearsal this morning. What a success; we had an extremely good turn out from those who will be in the performance. Most of all, today has shown how much time, commitment and hard work our volunteers put in, we really do appreciate it incredibly.

We can’t forget – A big shout out goes to all the parents who were dragged down to the Ice Rink at half 7 this morning by their enthusiastic youngsters, hopefully an early and peaceful night is inshore for you!

Here’s a few snaps from behind the scenes…

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you can do by calling us on 01344 789000 and speaking to our friendly reception team!

A Thank You from Us to You!

Thank you to all our loyal customers who have supported us this week as we finally hit triumph with our ice plant. All your kind comments will be passed onto the members of staff who have gone that extra mile this week. The team has put in a significant amount of effort to fixing and maintaining the ice this,  everyones positive feedback and acknowledgement has been very appreciated – Once again Thank You!

We are ecstatic to announce how much our ice has transformed in just a few days. We couldn’t believe our eyes when our compressors were running lower than minus 9 degrees celsius!

BEFORE                                                                NOW

IMG_1936[4] IMG_1955[1]

Great news, before we had our ice issues we had planned to spice up our goal nets, they were completed today. Check out the transformation below:

image10[6] image9[8] image7[9] image8[10] IMG_1959[3] image4[11]

Good news for all of you planning on coming down to this year’s Mojam – Revenge of the Tash, we should have our chairlift up and running by the 22nd! Some of our sponsors were revealed this week and there is still more to come. We will keep everyone posted!

MOJAM 2 sponsors


IMG_1928[1] IMG_1948[5]

WE HAVE FROZEN! The temperature keeps dropping and we could not be happier…

Today has been very successful, we have a wonderful work force behind us who put their upmost effort into their work. Our evening steward spent hours upon hours last night flooding the ice, letting it freeze and flooding again. This has increased our ice levels significantly, we will be continuing this routine ready for the hockey sessions to be resurrected. If you are wondering about whether your training session is going ahead or not you must speak to your coach.

“It’s a pretty amazing feeling, the ice is hard again. Once again, It’s really nice to have somewhere to teach and skate on properly” – Figure Skating Coach.

Today the boys have been hard at work packing the sides of the rink, check out the pictures below:

image1[9] image2[11] image3[32]

Further updates will be available tomorrow.

Temporary plant is Moving in!

For those of you who saw at the weekend we have now had our temporary plant delivered!

Essential works are under go to fit and secure the plant by the end of the week. Our maintenance team has been busy preparing the area ready for final installation over the next few days.

Reminder: We are not closed, business is running as normal. If you have any questions please call us on 01344 789000 or speak to your coach/instructor.


Will this be the last big bang for John Nike Leisuresport?

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot.


We are hosting our annual Free Fireworks this Sunday at 19:00, doors will open at 18:00 with a performance from Berkshire Race Squad. Now with that in mind many people have questioned the certainty of the John Nike Leisuresport Centre, in Bracknell, and whether or not if we are plotting to close our doors one last time.

Some of you may of heard about the complications of our ice, leading to last weekends Bracknell Bee’s Match being postponed and cancelled ice hockey training sessions. Along with the essential maintenance that has been carried out on our Chairlift for the last month. No one can blame you for the unsettled feeling there may be a closure to our centre. However, I must make this very clear that it will not be the case, below is a quick summary of the issues and maintenance that we have encountered the last week or so.

Chairlift – As part of our care and protection to our customers we have to service our chairlift, just like you would a M.O.T for a car. Within the time it was being serviced a few maintenance areas were brought to light, nothing too complicated or serious; some might say that it is just a simple, basic task which takes minutes; like filling you screen wash. Unlike most common cars a chairlift requires large and unusual parts, which typically have to be made from scratch or imported from abroad. Whilst we are waiting for the parts to be made it means the chair lift is out of action. We do have two drag lifts on the slopes, so don’t let this put you off visiting us. We are open as usual, if you would like more information please call 01344 789002.

Ice Pad – All Ice Pads are run off compressor plants which act as a huge refrigerator under the ice. Now normally you will have a few compressors that run simultaneous or together depending on the temperature of the current ice, ideally you want to see it at -7.5 to -8.5 Degrees Celsius. With our ice plant we have a fully working compressor which is simply lacking the support from the others. This means we are able to keep and maintain the ice we have as much as we can, in fact the ice is absolutely fine to skate on…if anything a little wet! Due to the wetness and a few thin patches of ice, the ice pad would not be suitable for an ice hockey match – for those who were wondering.

We do have plans to put in a temporary plant which will build the ice to where we can host ice hockey matches and our pantomime – Cinderella on Ice. The aim is to have the temporary plant up and running before the next scheduled Bracknell Bee’s Home Game.

As for the Ice Rink we are holding business as usual, open for all the members of public. Be sure to check our weekly timetable at http://www.jnlbracknell.co.uk, if there are to be any urgent updates, these too, will be post on our website.

Just when you come, try not to do a Harry Styles manoeuvre!