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Pantomime season is almost here

John Nike Leisuresport Complex is holding its 30th annual pantomime on ice, with this year’s being Beauty and the Beast. All the fun begins 13th December with a Charity Performance and continues until 17th December…that’s a grand total of seven shows, including a school’s performance on the Thursday. Beauty and the Beast on Ice is a story of how one young woman is held captive by a Beast in order to save her Father. However with a plot full of twists and surprises, it will keep you truly entertained!  It is a tale of love, kindness, and bravery, and a lesson of never judging a book by its cover.
The Charity performance is where the Nike family chooses a charity in which all proceeds from the night’s performance are donated to. This year’s chosen charity is Building for the Future, who aim to raise the profile of disabled children in their community. They believe that every child deserve to be recognised as important, regardless of whatever challenges they face.
With the Pantomime week fast approaching, preparations are already underway with staff, committee members and volunteers at the ice rink working day and night to ensure props, lighting, music and costumes are ready for the rehearsals. With a cast of one hundred, including adults and children, a lot of work has gone into each sector to ensure that this will be the best pantomime yet!
Jacqui Adams the Pantomime Director, heads up the entire operation from the committee meetings, organising the voice overs and script, and the running of the rehearsals. Jacqui is the cog that makes the panto a well-oiled machine. Head Coach, Stacey Bullock, along with the other coaches, put in countless amounts of hours into the pantomime to ensure all of the cast are happy and confident in their parts. But it is not only the coaches who work tirelessly to ensure that the pantomime runs to perfection, Bernadette Howard (Deputy General and Pantomime Manager), alongside her team and volunteers, create the props, promotional material, programmes and many more essential items/tasks. Bernadette told us, “Work for the pantomime first began back in January and has progressed steadily since. Everyone puts all of their effort into making sure everything is ready and runs smoothly on the day. In the few weeks before panto, the atmosphere is so festive that everyone is in the Christmas spirit early.”
If you are interested in doing something extra festive and special this year which I fun for all the family, then come along to the John Nike Leisuresport Complex performance of Beauty and the Beast. To book tickets call 01344 789 000

To find out more about the chosen charity, please follow the below link:



Bracknell IJS Sheffield Medalists

We want to send our biggest congratulations to Maria Holdcorft, Adam Bouaziz, Emily-Lucine Phillips and Jayin Pansear.

In August a bunch of talented young individuals made their way to Sheffield Ice Rink from all over the country to compete in the National IJS Event. Along with this mass crowd, cheery faces from Bracknell also made the trip.

Maria and Adam both brought home Bronze Medals to finish the solo season at the Solo Dance Championships.

Emily and Jayin came home from Sheffield with the accomplishment of placing first gleaming from their smiles! They now await their allocations for international competitions leading up to the British Championships later this year..no pressure!

We wish the best of luck to all Bracknell Figure Skaters for their upcoming competitions, whether small or big, you’ll do us proud!

Get the Chair Lift Down Low…

So, I’m sure you’re aware, our Chair Lift was sadly out of action for a good chunk of the year. We were so excited that we could announce it was up and running as normal from this past weekend.

In this post we want to share our gratitude for your unbelievable patience and the details of how we managed to have the lift back to it’s full potential.

Here, take a look at the old parts we had to throw and what we had to replace them with…

Oh, did you know this bad boy contains 111 Bars of Pressure!

Doesn’t mean much to you? 

Well your taps at home are only 1.5 bars, yes that’s nearly 100 times more!


And here’s were those bits live…

Now the important part for me and you, the difference in the hight of the chairs…

With the line slack there’s no way those chairs a taking us to the top, and I’d rather not side step thanks.

                            Before                                                              After


Last but not least we had to make sure the pressure was set correctly, now that took some strength…

We finally got there

Christmas Parties at John Nike Leisuresport

This year John Nike Leisuresport is officially showcases their fabulous events specifically catering for your ‘Christmas Party’ needs.

Choose one or more activities to make your party the best yet! We also supply catering for those who wish to wine and dine with us after the event. For those who have travelled from far and wide you can settle at our sister company, The Coppid Beech Hotel, for a night or two.

If you would like to book any of our packages please contact Amber Kitcheman on 01344 789000 or at a.kitcheman@nikegroup.co.uk.

Ice Karting_edited-2

Ice Karting is a brilliant event to just relax and have a good ole’ laugh with your colleagues. The sessions typically run on a Thursday evening between 19:00 and 21:00. This timing offers you our cheapest rate at £42.50 +VAT per person. You can choose a different day or a different time and we can put together a quote for you! A minimum of 20 people are required for this event.

The agenda:

  • 18:30 – Arrival
  • 19:00 – Safety Brief
  • 19:15 – Ice Karting (rough surface)
  • 20:00 – Break
  • 20:15 – Ice Karting (smooth surface)
  • 21:00 – Award Ceremony

What’s included:

  • A bubble of fizz for your celebration parade.
  • A trophy or medals for the winning team.
  • DJ – Darren Bavister ‘Bavy’ (announcer for Reading FC).

Games Day_edited-2

This is a perfect event for group sizes over 50, this allows you to focus on team building, communications skills, problem solving and most importantly; having a fun!

Depending on your requirements we run our JNL Games Day over a few hours, depending on the time of year we will host it on our Ice Rink, Ski Slopes or both. All of your guests will be separated into small groups, each group will circulate around our mini games gaining points as they go.

Once all games have been completed a team will be crowned victorious and the real celebration will begin.

Quotes will be produce at your request.

What’s included:

  • A bubble of fizz for your celebration parade.
  • A trophy or medals for the winning team.
  • DJ – Darren Bavister ‘Bavy’ (announcer for Reading FC).


Enjoy a hour long adrenaline rush. Our Sno-Tubing sessions are arranged for groups of 10 to 25 participants. This is a fantastic value for money; at only £10.00 +VAT per person, all you need to do is turn up and have a blast!


Broomball is a unique game, very similar to field hockey but on ice. You can host an hour long match for 10 to 20 people for just £10.24 +VAT per person. There is the opportunity to host a tournament on a whole is pad, of which a quote will be produced.

Sleeping Beauty_edited-2

Our Pantomime on Ice is back and it’s better! We have 2 amazing packages for those who are looking to host an event that can include the families of those you work with. Both packages are £21.95 per person and offer different advantages.

Dates & Times:

Wednesday 7th December – 18:30 (Charity Performance)

Friday 9th December – 18:30

Saturday 10th December – 14:00 & 18:00

Sunday 11th December – 14:00 & 18:00

Package 1:

Watch the magical performance from our VIP Lounge that over looks the whole Ice Pad, giving you one of the best views in the house.  Available for all performances except Sunday evening.

A minimum of 5 people required per booking.

What’s included:

  • Pantomime Programme
  • Use of Private Bar
  • Opportunity to pre-order for interval

Package 2:

Our front row private box awaits you! You’ll be on the very edge of your seats from start to finish as you’re transported into the realm of fairies, princess, magical creatures and evil villains.

What’s included:


  • Pantomime Programme
  • Opportunity to pre-order for interval

A minimum of 10 people and maximum of 20 people per booking.




A successful day for Berkshire Race Squad and the Gan Family at the Snowsport South Club National 2016 Race at Southampton last weekend.


Competing in their first club national, all 3 family members secured an impressive spot on the winners podium. Brothers James and Jonathan both took home silver  in the Under 14s and Under 16s; beating many  experienced national l racers.

Jason, the father of James and Jonathan, came 3rd place in the Masters category! Jason  is regularly instructing at JNL Bracknell. Every Friday he coaches the Berkshire Race Squad along side Brian Barfoot.

From all of us here we would love to send our biggest congratulations to you all! We are expecting the same, if not better, results next time. No pressure…


Jayin and Emily: Pride of Bracknell Finalists

Two of Bracknell’s great, enthusiastic figure skaters had been nominated for The Bracknell Pride Awards. Training constantly and thoroughly in both paired skating and dance classes, Jayin and Emily, had been recognised for their hard work and dedication.

The young skaters were invited to attend the black tie award ceremony. They found themselves in the breath taking company of Para Olympian Medallists and many other high achievers.

We can safely say the pair, not only did Bracknell proud, but also NISA (National Ice Skating Association) and the rest of the figure skating community.

Jayin and Emily were thrilled to be announced as runners up for the Health and Sport Young Persons award. – Well Done! The judging panel were very impressed with their dedication, the panel included: John Nike OBE, Campbell Christie CBE, CLLR Dorothy Hayes MBE along with many other wonderful public figures.

A fantastic and ambitious Cricketer of only 17 years of age took first place, he had played impressively in the Junior World Cup.